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Medical Management Software

The SkoolRoom medical management system is important for schools. It is important to keep a record of the health issues, diseases, infections, etc. It helps to keep a record of allergies, so that the school doctor has an up to date list of all those medicines that might cause a problem with the child’s health.

The SkoolRoom medical management software helps in creating and maintaining a record along with sending instant notification on the parent’s phone application, in order to inform them of all the times that the child visited the medical room of the school, with what all issues and what all medicines were referred to the child by the school doctor. This module generates reports under whose supervision the child is.

It helps the parents to stay updated of the health issues their child is facing. This module helps to keep a track record for student’s health issue, its description, treatment, and precaution undertook.

This module generates reports stating that under whose supervision child is there.

Features of Student Health Management Software

1. Managing all health problems

In Health Management module, you can define all the health problems like fever, allergies, cold and cough, weight, height, eyesight, headache and much more.

2. Maintain doctor’s records

School management can easily maintain the records for Doctors along with their details like qualification, contact number, availability for weekdays and specialization.

3. Maintaining student medical history

It helps to maintain student full medical histories like under which doctor supervision student was taken care by and what was the health issue, its full description along with precautions and treatment.

4. Automatic reports generation

Once all the records are entered in software, reports for the same will automatically generate that can be helpful in the future.

5. Tracking treatment and precautions are taken by student

You can keep a track of student’s health issues and proper follow-up is taken regarding the treatment and precaution.

The SkoolRoom medical module provides the base for the necessary examinations which needs to be conducted but also helps to create a transparency among the parents and doctors at each level. The module includes

  • Student health examination report at regular intervals
  • Vaccination reports
  • Student’s Rooms visit
  • Vital Information such as Allergies
  • Medical Attendance
  • Real Time Interaction with Parents for Medical Emergencies
  • Prescription upload by the Doctors
  • Important Documentation Uploading by parents for Institute references.

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