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Management System

Management System

SkoolRoom: Let's introduce to all in one cloud based school management system which successfully automates daily to daily operations with complete perfection on one single integrated platform. It is complete school ERP system with more than 40+ modules and applications basically consists of academic, attendance, curriculum, financial, accounting, assessments and digital report cards, also advanced and smart LMS for students and teachers.

Now it is time to simplify the process of teaching and learning by collaborating. We serve as complete advanced learning management platform and serves as a modern digital platform to conduct classes & groups interaction.

It is one of the leading School ERP system for collaboration between students, teachers and parents along with arrangement for compatible on all devices. So you can take your classroom along with you wherever you go.

Automates your institute and organization basic and important tasks very easily with availability of fixed Templates for SMS’s, alerts and notifications which act as a best messaging Platform for Institute to communicate among all.