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Academic Management System

School Academic Management System

SkoolRool school academic management system and ERP software now becomes an essential component for competing with today modern tech education system . So now a days educational institute must have to adopt modern and smart academic management software for accurately handling of related process such as for conducting online examination, assessments calculation, grading, assignment status, digital report card to remove the requirements to make registers and records which can stored easily on cloud based server environment which is fully secured and safe. It acts a strong base which closely brings parents, teachers and students on a communal interactive platform so removes communication gap among them.

The school/college accounting module is available for all types of schools, colleges, educational institutes, coaching institutes. This module is an important component of our school management system, college management software and institute management software.

Accounting module is the most difficult and important task to perform for any school/ institution/ colleges. Advanta Rapid ERP Accounting module provides an efficient and effective solution as it helps in managing the various day to day expenses. The Accounting module stores and manages all data regarding the bank transactions as well as student fee collection or any expenses.