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Attendance System

Student Attendance Software

Attendance is an integral part of any system and ensure the safety of student’s presence in the school premises. Thus we provide various unique features for marking the student’s presence on the premises, which includes

  • Face Recognition System
  • RFID system
  • Manual Attendance

When we discuss Attendance then it shall take our pleasure to introduce the system of attendance which comprises of features such as leave management, present, Absent, Medical room attendance, Log or Event management system. Moreover attendance can be defined into two major broadcast such as

  • Day wise Attendance
  • Lecture Wise Attendance

When it comes to reporting our integrated real time attendance system ensure that parent’s are kept in continuous loop about their children’s presence. Moreover our attendance report also includes:

  • Class wise Attendance
  • Absence Report
  • Medical Attendance
  • Minimum Bench Mark for Attendance calculation