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Time Table

Time Table

A good Timetable helps us to bring the best results among the students. So we are here to solve all your worries and answer all your requirement in just a click away.

Our Time table creation process is an intense system which involves a brain storming and the requirement off the users, such as requirement of students for their overall development and teacher’s effective level of delivery.

Our Timetable caters the need from the institute before the time table could be developed, such as :

  • Minimum and maximum number of lectures to be allotted to a particular Subject in a day and in a week as a whole.
  • Minimum and maximum lectures to be conducted for a student in and outside of their class rooms.
  • Considering the teacher’s delivery system, their fatigue level and effectiveness in delivering lecture through scheduling the required breaks in the day.
  • Substitution management system in case of the leave by any teacher during the day.
  • Timetable also includes Student Timetable, Teacher’s Timetable and Current Date Timetable considering the required Substitution for the day.