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Admission Management

School Admission Management System Software

Admission is the key and vital process for educational institutions. Sometime it becomes cumbersome and more of tedious process. However with our Admission Management system we will help to facilitate the process of admission online with minimal paper work and lot of decentralising the work load among the various stakeholders (Accountant, Administration, Parents).

The Admission process starts with the basic creation of admission form, which is highly dynamic and customisable at hands of the educational institution, including the evaluation criteria for selection. The process involves various stages:

  • Creation of Dynamic Admission form and Evaluation Criteria.
  • Online acceptance of registration forms and payments
  • Evaluation of forms as per the set criteria.
  • Conduction of lucky draw or manual for the selection of the students for admission along with waiting list.
  • Scheduling their Group Discussion and Personal Interview.
  • Provisional Admission till all the required documents and fees are not collected by the institute.
  • E-documentation of all the important documents such as Adhaar Card, Pan etc..