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School Transportation Software

In today Scenario, being responsible not only includes the student’s safety at the school premises but it brings in the moral duty for any educational institution to ensure that student reaches back home safely. To help the organisation, we hereby bring to you the Transport System. In this system we include the following:

  • Fleet Management System with GPS
  • Real Time Tracking of Student
  • Their Real time Location and punch in and punch out
  • Their Attender Information
  • Any request in change of transport for Students
  • Real Time notification for the Parent for arrival of the bus at their respective stop.
  • Geo Fencing
  • Fuel Monitoring
  • Speed Monitoring
  • Mileage and many others

Along this we also provide various standard and dynamic reports for the transportation which includes:

  • Cumulative Dashboard
  • Bus Attendance Report
  • Route Attendance Report
  • Play Back
  • Exceptional Report
  • Long Absence Report
  • Bus Attendance Class and Section Wise
  • View Route and Manage them
  • Report Deviation for the route
  • Live Tracking
  • Vehicle Log
  • Odometer Report
  • Idle Report
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • SMS Report
  • Class and Section wise
  • Distance Report
  • Overspeed Report
  • Locate a Bus
  • Ignition Report and many other

Please Also Make the note of the following: *The feature enlisted are just illustrative and inclusive. These features are just the mere representation of our efforts to automate the institute. These also includes the Application on the School Name on both the platform Ios and Android, along with the web Portal access for various users such as

  • Students
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Principal
  • Admin
  • Accountant
  • Doctor
  • Librarian
  • Inventory Dealer

Moreover the detailed list of modules have been attached in our Brochure. Please Feel free to be in touch for any query.