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Fees is the soul for any educational institute’s survival. But when it comes to its planning and collection it becomes cumbersome. At times the chances of occurring the error are very high which may lead to intentional or non-intentional losses for the organisation. However our finance system helps the organisation in managing their finances at a click away.

May it be generation, allocation, customisation, concession, collection, refund or any other it is just a click away.

Our Finance Module includes some of the prominent features such as:

  • Invoice Generation for the whole school in fraction of seconds
  • Modification
  • Fee Transaction
  • Refund Procedure
  • Maintaining Optional Fee Heads
  • Cheque Clearance and Dishonouring
  • Student Fee Ledger
  • Managing Entries uploaded at you Bank end through MIS Reporting system

Our Intensive Reporting system includes various customisable reports at both the end, i.e. Standard Reports and Dynamic Reports. Moreover we not only help in integrating the system but also maintaining the records for previous 7 academic years.

The Detailed List of the Standard and Dynamic Reports have been enlisted as annexure.