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The past decade has witnessed an ever increasing development of online market and communication.

An orderly assignment of classes leads to efficient tracking and increases productivity. The SkoolRoom brings to you a timetable management system which helps in seamless administration of classes in schools. The SkoolRoom timetable software is a robust and user friendly ERP solution specially crafted for school administration. Timetable management module enables you to efficiently manage the academic year via streamlining the timetable keeping the focus on all subjects and their management. This module helps in aligning the proper schedule and thereby allow faculties as per their availability. It is completely dynamic and totally depends on the needs and availability of the teacher and students in a school. The SkoolRoom offers a platform to forecast and thereby plan accordingly the efficient utilization of school time resulting in greater performance and productivity.

The key features include:
  • - Manage Timetable.
  • - Get timetable based on a current weekday.
  • - Filter timetable for faculties.
  • - Manage Periods and Period time frame.

We aim at bringing out the maximum and the most efficient performance of students and increase in the teachers effective level of delivery.

The timetable offers student’s timetable, teacher’s timetable and current date timetable considering the required substitution for the day.

We focus on the teacher’s delivery system, their level of fatigue and their effectiveness in delivering lecture through scheduling the required breaks during the day.

The SkoolRoom caters to the minimum and maximum number of lectures to be allotted to a particular subject in a day and in a week as a whole as well as the minimum and maximum lectures to be conducted for a student in and outside of their class rooms.

Choose The SkoolRoom timetable management software today and avail the following benefits:

  1. Saves time and efforts
  2. Reduces error
  3. Secure and user-friendly
  4. Instant notification
  5. Substitute management
  6. Easy customization
  7. Smooth integration
  8. Easy calculation
  9. Paperless environment

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