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Staff Management System

With the emergence of the school management system, no longer the school staff has to bury themselves in heaps of papers to find out information on their employees. The data that they want is at the distance of a click of a mouse. This means their work has now become a lot simpler, and it also takes a lot less time to get such a job done on time.

Listed below are some of the ways in which The SkoolRoom staff management module simplifies the process:


There is nothing to deny the fact that an essential part of managing employees is taking their attendance regularly and maintaining that data in proper order as well. When you have a school management software system, it becomes easy for employers to keep a track on attendance/leaves of the school staff members.These systems include a module named as biometric attendance module, which helps in maintaining all the attendance record at a centralized place. They are also capable of keeping track of all the leaves that they may have availed to date. This way, the school staff also finds it a lot easier to find out the number of hours that an employee has devoted to her or his work in a particular time such as a month for example.


Manually calculating salary and preparing payslip is a tiresome task for the administrator. But with school ERP system along with attendance, it becomes easy to keep a track on salary disbursement and automate the payroll management process. Assigned authorities can evaluate the LOP, generate payslip reports, calculate salary, that paid for that particular month.It means that there is no question of any human errors over here. This ensures that employees receive their salary without any delay. Besides that, school ERP is a cost-effective solution because along with payroll management institutes can manage other operations also such as admission, fees, transport, examination, and more.


There is a lot that The ">SkoolRoom ERP software can do in this particular regard. For example, it can maintain a record of all the chapters that a teacher is teaching each day in each class that she or he is supposed to take. These systems create profiles of teachers where they have the details of all the subjects that they are teaching. They also make it necessary for the teachers to submit lesson plans for each chapter that they are teaching. In these lesson plans, the teachers are also supposed to outline the goals that they wish to achieve at the end of each chapter.They also need to take various tests and exams in a class throughout an academic year and update the results and other details in the school ERP system as well. This, in turn, allows the school authorities to keep checking all these details as and when they wish to.


Yes, this is also something that The SkoolRoom ERP software is capable of doing. There are a lot of ways in which school authorities can use these systems to engage their workers for the betterment of the school where they are working. They can set specific goals for the staff that they may have to meet in a certain period. Throughout the entire time, this competition is on they can monitor how well each member of the staff is performing. By the end, it becomes evident to them if the employees achieved the set goals or not.This system also keeps the staff on their toes at all times, and they make every possible attempt to do their work as flawlessly as they possibly can. It leads employees to work in such a way that it ultimately leads to better development of the school.


As far as workforce management is concerned, employee appraisal is a vital cog, and this happens to be common knowledge as such. With the help of The SkoolRoom ERP software, schools can follow how well the employees are performing in various aspects of their work.They can do this from time to time as well. The good thing about ERP platform is that they always provide you a fair picture of the work that has been done by the staff. Like this, they can give the employees with the right kind of feedback as well and thus point out the areas where they need to get better. In such a way, they can also find out which staff members are doing well and reward them for the kind of work that they are putting in for the school.


The SkoolRoom ERP software can improve the quality of communication between school authorities and the people who are working for the school. It is common knowledge that the daily schedule of a school is always a hectic one, and it may not be possible for people working for a school to get in touch with the higher-ups and vice versa. They cannot always meet to discuss the tiniest of issues and problems.

That is why this system can come into play. Such software makes it easier for teachers and other staff to maintain contact with each other at all times. With the help of such a system, the authorities can announce at any time that they wish to and the staff will get informed of the same almost in an instant. Much in the same way, the staff members can also use these platforms to pose questions to the school management system.

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