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Looking for School SMS Software? Book Demo now for SkoolRoom

Looking for School SMS Software? Book Demo now for SkoolRoom

SkoolRoom " title="school management system">school management system is an innovative and modern platform which completely eases the steps to execute important process in an educational organization. For this to happen quickly we are offering fully automatic and user friendly school notification system or SMS software that facilitates hassle free communication with parents, teachers, staff, students or guardians.

Now it’s time to make communication channel very simple to save hours of time and cost.

This ERP system for schools provides 24*7 support for digitally handling day to day processes with few button clicks only which ease the storage of important student academics data along with required historical data on safe and secured cloud based server.

Why to Choose SkoolRoom School ERP?
  • Instant notify both parents and guardians for unplanned school closure due to any reason.
  • Let’s inform parents about each single information related examination schedules, report cards, assessment, events and notices.
  • For sharing details related to achievement profile.
  • Parents can easily get accurate details of fee transactions process like fee dues, receipt, fine, fees paid and other payments.
  • Student attendance report for session and monthly.
  • Updates related to vacations extension or final date.
  • Leaves or absence message of students.
  • Parents get stay connected and informed at all times through school SMS management software.
  • Save money
  • Save valuable time staff, teachers and administrators to connect with parents
  • Boost parent involvement in school activities
  • Decrease communication gap between schools and parents
  • Send updates for upcoming meetings, session circulars and any of special announcements

Now reach to entire departments quickly with SkoolRoom " title="School ERP System">School ERP System and support “Go Green. Go Paperless for educational institutions process”

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