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School Notice Board Management by SkoolRoom

School Notice Board Management by SkoolRoom

School notice board management system by SkoolRoom a leading " title="school management software">school management software allows administration, staff and teachers for posting important notices to institute online notice board instantly which can be seen easily by students, parents etc immediately on their home screen after login such as for incoming events, exhibition pictures, exam schedules, holiday notice, fee collection date, assignment submission date, academic report cards, grading, result out, transportation details, date sheet, class timetable section wise and many more important notices which needs to spread among all as soon as possible

Main Features of School Notice Board Management Software:
  • Immediate posting of all type of message on the notice board.
  • Students, parents, teachers and all stakeholders can easily go through the notices through their individual logins as soon as they get notified.
  • Administrators can automatically set to activate/deactivate a given notice for a specified time period which supports automatic posting and removal of notices after the certain time period.
  • Also users can manually activate/deactivate the notices in case the school wants notice removal in case of wrong message.
  • Can add latest information in news feed section and events going to happen in school and send information among all functional departments.
  • Noticeboard can effectively be used to provide highlights such as any sports competition, trip, tours, vacations, camp, health camps etc.

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School Notice Board Management