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School Management Software

Why SkoolRoom?

SkoolRoom is an organic ERP solution enabling and ensuring smooth functioning of the educational institute, an effective mobile application and most relevant for instant and constant parent-institute interaction.

It provides a mobile based ERP module for managing schools. The software enables enhanced school branding with close supervision on day to day activities including finance, it helps parents to keep track of their child’s day to day activities happening in school as well as their curriculum, examination results and attendance. The teachers are able to focus more on the quality of education while The " title="skoolroom">SkoolRoom handles all the clerical operations. The mobile app for schools is fully compatible with all android and IOS to provide hassle free interaction among all entities of the organization and also provides timely feedback for building a better relationship.

The " title="skoolroom">SkoolRoom presents to you 32 different modules which aim at bridging all possible communication gaps between students, teachers and administration.

The modules include:
  • Student attendance
  • Admission
  • Faculty attendance
  • Manage users
  • Manage transport
  • Finance
  • Pay Online
  • Manage Inventory
  • Online discussion
  • Poll
  • Calender
  • Time table
  • Examination
  • Manage HR
  • Club and houses
  • Sports and Extra Curriculum
  • Bulk SMS
  • Manage Library
  • Manage News
  • Gallery
  • Grievances cell
  • Dormitory
  • Medical
  • Online Food
  • Manage Event
  • Customised and dynamic reporting system
  • Blog

And many more….

In addition to this The " title="skoolroom">SkoolRoom offers a full time support in case of any problem occurring in the software or any updates that the school wants. The service provided by The " title="skoolroom">SkoolRoom is error free, fast, user friendly and cordial. The modules that are selected are totally dynamic and are created entirely on the specifications provided by school.

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