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The SkoolRoom provides an unparalleled choice of products and services that deliver high performance in schools everywhere. The ">SkoolRoom is a well researched and well planned product with well defined roadmaps for future enhancements. Whether it is a school, college or training institute, we sell the same ">SkoolRoom ERP. The product business model is highly scalable.

The ">SkoolRoom recognizes the value of collaboration and works with our partners to deliver the solutions that customers require to effectively manage the schools of the 21st century. The ">SkoolRoom Partner System is a best-in-class program that offers partners with an incentive to expand their market offerings, enhance revenue and increase their competitive advantage. We believe that symbiotic relationships are the best way to grow.Thus, it becomes a profitable alliance giving maximum benefits and ensuring success. If you are connected with the education sector in any way or nurture a desire to contribute to it, we would be glad to connect with you. The benefits of partnering with The SkoolRoom:

  • Unmatched marketing, training, pre sales, and post sales support to partners
  • Joint marketing campaigns and synergies
  • Constant up gradation of product feature and functions
  • Provides partners with enormous reach in the education market
  • Motivated Team to support you at every step throughout your way
  • Access to each others customer base
  • Consolidate value proposition and get competitive edge
  • Customization Support

SkoolRoom management system pricing policy is very flexible and dynamic. It considers the potential and efficiency of the partner. Pricing for Partner is One time payment for the usage of the application to various schools and colleges with the term and condition agreed mutually. This can also vary as per the per school commission basis wherein any partner bringing in the school will sheer get certain percentage amount of the contract.

It provides its partners with the complete technical backup and support for implementing the software to the various institutes. Not only this, The ">Skoolroom ensures full support for after sales services so that neither client nor school faces any difficulty in using it.

Anyone who completes the training and specializes in business development of SkoolRoom can become an affiliate partner to earn commission on sales.

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