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How does The SkoolRoom makes managing accounts easier?

The SkoolRoom’s accounts management module automates accounting, financial operations and other back office functions for educational institutions. These applications are specifically designed for the budgetary needs of school management and typically include tools for: accounting, billing, accounts payable, purchasing and payroll into a single administrative tool.

Without SkoolRoom With SkoolRoom
1. Manually, the clerk have to maintain records in accounting software or Excel 1. No need to use separate accounting software, this module provides all the facilities of accounting process at one place.
2. It reduces speed, increases effort of accountants, relatively slower internal control reporting. 2. It increases speed, make tasks effortless and faster
3. A separate Accounting Software or manual booking keeping is required 3. The software has an accounting section for maintaining account and fees management is integrated with account.
4. Manual process is too slow, time consuming and reporting is cumbersome. 4. The reports are generated quickly

With the help of The ">SkoolRoom software, keep all the accounts related information under one single module you can keep a record of the funds flowing in and going out from the school accounts. It allows you to create vouchers, daybook, cashbook, journal, profit & loss accounts, balance sheet and much more and also eliminates the need of accounting software for your school needs and works very efficiently and error freely.

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