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Library Management Software

A Library Management System gives an access to and manages the resources in your library.​ A well-chosen system will increase your library's efficiency, save valuable administration time, lead to a better educational experience for students and help develop independent learning.

The ">SkoolRoom library management software helps in maintaining data of books issued to learners and books available in the library. This helps librarians to spot any particular book at any given time in the library. This kind of Library management system can be easily customized as per individual’s requirement. It’s easy to use interface and immediate reporting to make things easier for the school library staff. For easy arrangement, such type of system divides the books on the Biographer’s name, Manuscript group, Publisher and more. With the help of barcode, Librarian can keep track of different records such as:

  • Issue Date
  • Return Date
  • Book catalogs with different genres
  • Number of books issued
  • Number of books available
  • Collection & Calculation of Fine on the individual book

The SkoolRoom ">library management works on 2 click basis ( based on QR and barcode scanning procedure) . On just 2 click all the work is done. With the help of services like SMS & E-mail facility, the librarian can send messages and emails to notify book issue, book return, list of books available in the library, holidays, events, fine, etc. Such a structure, also make available an option for the librarian to collect all the basic details displayed in the form of reports such as excel, word file, and PDF.

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