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School Exam Management Software

Through the course of an academic year, the students are expected to give a number of examinations to get a performance analysis of the students’ academic ability. The tests include monthly evaluations , assignments and projects. The SkoolRoom provides an examination management software that not only generates results but also manages it. With the help of this software, each exam can be scheduled and the results can be obtained by parents at real time. It also includes analytics including class average, percentage, grade etc.

The SkoolRoom allows the user to set the marking criteria dynamically along with the varied choice of report card generation format.

To sum in all we can majorly enlist the following features that the software offers to automate the system as a whole:

  • Dynamic Grading and Evaluation Pattern
  • Creation of Exam Schedule
  • Allocation of Teacher Duty
  • Creation of 3D Rooms for seating arrangements
  • Student Seat Allocation on basis of Random, Chronological and Manual Basis.
  • Exam Room Attendance
  • Scholastic and Co-Scholastic Marking System
  • Report Card Generation with Approval and Withholding system for various level such as Class Teachers, Co-ordinators and Principal level
  • Student Promotion

School Management Software is a set of a number of tools that lets the organization to smoothly run the institute. The users being the ones connected with the institute like students, teachers, parents. The software includes various features right from maintaining the attendance to sending out progress letters to the parents. School management system lets the organization complete the various tasks which are less time consuming. The benefits of using The SkoolRoom ERP solution includes:

  • Increases Productivity
  • Student-Teacher Collaboration
  • Saves Natural Resources
  • Access From Anywhere
  • Increase In Enrollment
  • Transparency With Parents Increases
  • Reduction In The Cost Of Communication
  • Reduces Workload

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