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Custom Dynamic Report Generation –Exclusive Feature Of SkoolRoom School Management Software ERP

Data management is one of the most critical part which must be given proper organization as it plays a very important role in effective running of any type of educational institution as on this basis various important decisions has to be made by administrative departments.

So as in schools it is very important to maintain properly data of teachers, staff, students, parents, stakeholders etc. For this purpose SkoolRoom " title="School management software ERP">School management software ERP is here to help with best possible solution for dynamic report generation feature with custom modules which works according to requirements of educational organization.

custom dynamic report
ERP software

With this ERP software for schools it becomes very easy to get different types of real time reports such as student fee collection monthly data, attendance, inventory, library, fee defaulter , staff payroll, leads, registration , financial and accounting data.

Few all-inclusive reports can be easily shared with teacher, student and parents’ individual portals as Well as involuntarily emailed to them as an attachment.

New Lead and Conversion Reports helps team can make strategic decisions and starts focus on area which needs to more attention.

Real Time Student Reports: When a child enrolled for new registration then school has to begin make database such as parents name, occupation, address, contact numbers, date of birth, documents library, year of admission , class section allocation, assignments allocation, exam performance, academic report cards, fee reminders.

Entire custom reports are feasible dynamic Reports and which be easily combined with static report with the accurateness of a live report and can be joint in excel and PDF format through links whenever is essential.

Many of the possibilities are generating real time dynamic accurate reports with " title="best school management software">best school management software which is modern and smart ERP for schools which is built with robust technologies and user friendly interface and architecture