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Technology have been seen in every aspect of human life

Communication gap is a problem all over the world.

Impacts of technology have been seen in every aspect of human life. It has changed the way that schools communicate with parents. While a few years ago – the school diary was the only way for teachers to update parents about school activities. Skoolroom brings to you a " title="management software">school management software to create an array of tools to enable teachers to interact with parents and create an advantageous learning environment.

" title="skoolroom">Skoolroom continuously works towards creating a better and interactive environment both for teachers and parents.Keeping parents updated about all the know hows of their children.

Below are the ways in which skoolroom can help parents stay connected with schools:

PTM Alerts: Using this software helps school inform parents about the upcoming parent teacher meetings. The parents will have enough time to schedule their work commitments accordingly. Any changes in the date or time can be shared quickly with the parents. This would avoid any miscommunication.

Exam Results: This software also enables parents to obtain the exam results of their children along with an analysis of their performance. This allows parents to stay updated around the year not just on the day of parent teacher meetings.

Live bus tracking: Skoolroom connects Parent Portal with " title="Bus Tracking System">School Bus Tracking System and this enables both parents and school authorities to track the real-time location of school bus with their electronic gadgets.This system shares a detailed route map with parents and alerts them when the child boards and gets off the bus. It also sends alerts to parents in case of some mishappening.

Multiple Profiles: If a parent has more than one child studying in the same school, then the parent can view both children’s details from the same login. For instance, in the case of attendance, a parent can choose which child’s profile needs to be checked from inside the attendance module.

Communication Center – Parents are notified of critical messages with push notifications, bridging the communication gap between teachers and parents. They can also initiate conversations with the school principal and teachers.

Feedback Section – This section allows parents to send feedback to teachers on their children’s progress and activities.

Online Payment- Physically going to the school to make payment, or entrusting a child with the fee amount are not the best options for today’s working parents. With our online payment portal, they don’t have to do either. They can conveniently login to the online portal and pay the dues from their internet connected device from anywhere using their credit/debit card or by net banking

Constant interaction can be challenging for schools as well as parents, who are often juggling with a shortage of time and resources. However, using this software is one of the best ways to incorporate the latest technology and keep parents updated about home assignments, school events, educational strategies and children’s academic as well as non-academic performance.This mobile app for schools is fully compatible with all android and IOS to provide hassle free interaction among all entities of the organization and also provides timely feedback for building a better relationship.