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Can technology bridge school parent communication gap?

Communication gap is a problem all over the world.

Communication gap is a problem all over the world. To cope up with it, technology is currently being used. Schools are now handling this problem using mobile apps for parents. They are providing parents with all the information they can, over school mobile apps and helping them get closer to their ward as well as the school.

Key Takeaways:
  1. Parental involvement in ward’s school decreasing
  2. Less time availability the key reason for parent’s less involvement in schools
  3. Increasing number of real time school apps
  4. School apps decrease communication gap between parents and schools
  5. Apps also decrease communication gap between parents and their children.

Undoubtedly, communication gap is a thing in India. The reason lies in the increasing working class community of India. Parents have less time to employ to their ward’s school because of their work. The challenge to cope up with this gap now lies in the able hands of schools and parents themselves.

Researches show that parental involvement has direct impact on a child’s success. A research by ChildTrends depicted that there has been a substantial decrease in parental involvement since 2007. Workload has made it difficult for parents to attend every event that the ward’s school organizes. Many parents find it difficult to talk to teachers and hence welcome the use of technology to bridge this gap.

Technology, here, can play a very crucial role. Technology can be used to bridge the gap between parents and their children, especially by indulging the parents in their wards’ school life. Researches have shown that school communicator apps help break the barriers co-existing between wards, their parents and the instructors.

According to parents, schools should start using technology in the classes and in their schools. They say that parent app and teacher app can help students explore new things and arouse curiosity in them. Further, they add that to adapt to the changing times, schools should acquire best educational apps. All this means that parents are very supportive of technology use and are looking forward to see it being used even more.

Technology provides a huge platform for schools to track down the activities going around in the school. Notifications regarding homework, school fees, school activities, functions, attendance of wards etc. can be sent to the parents using apps and different methods. It narrows down the communication gap between parents and school, as parents can connect with school in real time and are always connected to schools via the school app.

Technology has become a key part of our life, so why not use it to its supreme. Majority of researches stated that education and technology platforms have proved to make a difference and have brought parents closer to their wards too. Herein lies the future of parenting and education. Schools and parents, the hall is all yours. Lead the way!

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