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School website is very important for making a good first impression as it often is the first contact that people have with the school. Therefore, the school website affects the overall image and reputation of your school which can lead to increased admissions. Having a good school website is also very important for delivering a good user experience for its regular users, including teachers, students and parents.

The features of a good school website include:

  • Appearance
  • Quality content
  • Great Navigation
  • The right message
  • Mobile version
  • It is engaging

Some of the reasons of having a good website might include:

  • Keep an update to the parents and students
  • Because your competitor schools also have one
  • You get a platform to show off your School
  • No need for the involvement of more paperwork
  • To be future ready

The SkoolRoom website integration module assures of providing a good, user friendly website which consists of good quality content that helps in growing the reputation of the school.

We offer two options in which a school can create a website:

  • Static website
  • Dynamic website

The pages in the static website cannot be updated or changed by the school. In case any new updates that need to be done, the school will have to contact The SkoolRoom team to do the needful.

Advantages of a static website includes:

  • Time saving
  • Cost effective
  • Fast transferring as compared to dynamic websites.

Dynamic websites on the other hand consists of interactive pages that change dynamically according to time, geography or user type. Dynamic websites can to a connected to large database enabling it to pull information as and when required.This helps in creating a more user driven page.

Advantages of dynamic website include:

  • Easy to update
  • Interactive
  • Quick to responsiveness
  • Smooth navigation

The SkoolRoom also provides a means of connecting the online website with your ios play store and android app store.

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