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The schools of the past functioned with a few students and staff – today schools have evolved into a large enterprise where there is tons of data and paperwork that needs to be managed every single day. The need of the hour for school management teams is to have a School ERP Software that lets them access their information from a centralized platform.

Very often parents might miss important deadlines related to the payment of school fees or other essential term related fees.When a student is absent from the school, especially for prolonged periods – this can be a matter of concern for the school and for the parents. There might be some anxiety filled moments due to any breakdowns or delay in the school transport system. All these issues can create a chaos and might reduce the efficiency of the teachers in providing quality education to the children.

The SMS integration module in a School ERP Software is an effective communication tool that plays an important role in building a strong network of communication between parents and teachers.It provides many benefits to not only the school but also to the parents and the students’ by ensuring that communication in faster, easier and seamless between.

The benefits provided by The SkoolRoom SMS integration module:

  • Fees Pending Status.
  • Student Absentees Reminder.
  • Upcoming Event Reminder.
  • Emergency Holiday Update.
  • Student Progress Notification.
  • Upcoming Examinations.
  • Result Announcement.
  • School Bus Timing Change Alert.
  • Latest News Update.

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