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We are pretty sure most of you have used apps recently on your iPhone or Android device and have heard notification sounds from popular apps like Facebook messenger and Whatsapp. They inform a user of important things like received messages, updates, unlocks, reminders, etc.

Some benefits include:

  • They inform us of any new content or pending tasks.
  • We are engaged and it builds a sense of interactivity within the app.
  • New content doesn’t need to be refreshed manually.

The parents usually are busy working and might end up missing important information regarding their kids or any significant updates from the school. This might create confusion and might cause discomfort to the child, parents or the management.

The SkoolRoom associates with these benefits of notifications in order to create a user friendly environment for the management, students and parents associated with us.

The Real Time notifications received by parents:

  • Arrival of the bus at their respective stop.
  • Updates from schools.
  • Attendance.
  • Results.
  • Assignments.
  • Fees dues.
  • Examination datesheets.
  • Assignments.

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