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Email, once organised well, is the most effective means of communication. More versatile than anything else. You can use email as a letter or as a chat, you can reply on text or by sending video links, you can talk with people in your same time zone or in a different one. You can give your email address away without giving away any of your personal details. It allows point to point encryption, so that your service provider cannot access your communications.

The SkoolRoom’s incorporates all these benefits of email in it’s school management software.
Institutes can send mass emails and newsletters to thousands of recipients including students, parents, teachers or other contacts.It allows end users to select a preferred method of communication which can be either Email or SMS.

This facility keeps administration, teachers, students and other staff members connected with each other in a problem free manner. It simply means school authorities can contact anybody at any point of time.

This improves communication between parents, students, teachers and administrators. Parents can chat with teachers or principal to know their child’s progress, any pending fee status, any upcoming event reminder, emergency holiday update.

With Email integration module The SkoolRoom aims at providing

  • A quick email alert system where the message/ information can be sent, delivered and sent almost immediately.
  • Simple and easy to use platform for communication.
  • Paperless communication which is beneficial for the environment.
  • Easy storage because the message sent on old papers might get misplaced.

With the help of Email integration module,The SkoolRoom renders the schools with a medium to provide immediate information in case of any updates and an easy way to stay connected with the staff, parents and students.

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