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Certificate Generation allows you to generate certificates for school students and staff easily and without any effort. Also a copy of the generated certificate can be stored for future references and track record of them can be kept.

The existing method of creating certificates manually has the following disadvantages:

  • Creating certificates manually takes a lot of effort and attention of the office staff.
  • It takes a lot of time and accuracy and thus the person who requires the certificate has to wait.

The SkoolRoom certificate management module offers the following advantages:

  • Creating student & staff certificates is very easy with just one click.
  • Accurate certificates can be generated easily and without any delay.
  • Can generate separate certificates for staff and students.

The certifications generated include:

  • NOC or no objection certificate,
  • Transfer certificate,
  • TRF is shown in your bank account statement when an amount is transferred by the system from your one account to another,
  • Character certificate,
  • Leave certificate,
  • Migration,
  • Job confirmation, etc.

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