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A restaurant provided by an organization such as a college, factory, or company for its students or staff. At first glance one might tend to overlook the school canteen, but on reflection most people would agree that the canteen is one of the most important parts of school life. Improving a student's overall nutritional health is another benefit.

With the help of The SkoolRoom canteen management module, the school can get involved in:

Deciding the menu

The SkoolRoom Canteen management module gives the leverage to the administration to decide the items that would remain in the menu. They can also assign the cost at which the items will be sold in the canteen. This would help the school in providing those meals that are healthy for the children and they can also keep a check on the cost.

Money allocation through RFID tags

The SkoolRoom provides an added benefit where the students have to pay through their RFID tags. This would enable the parents as well as school to keep a check on the child’s spending as well as also avoid situations of money lost/ stolen.

Canteen inventory system

Shop/Canteen & Inventory Management Software helps to maintain all the stocks, inventory and sale/purchase of goods. This module is useful for the institutes which maintain with the selling of goods in the canteen, sale purchase of books or uniform etc. Using this module the school’s can enter purchase and sale transactions, maintain the stock of all goods, create all types of VAT and taxation reports, and print sale bill/invoice etc. This software manages and processes easily to all the durables and consumables goods of school. This module helps the management to get reports that display the information for all the expenses, consumption and availability of goods and stock items.

Meal planning as per nutrition requirements

The School can also participate in the overall well being of the child by creating a meal plan according to age, gender or any other criteria. A proper meal helps the child to perform better both in studies as well as co curricular activities.

Canteen Management module is a very important part for any school to maintain records for food items or stock or any kind of assets. With the help of this module, the track record is maintained like total quantity of stock, how much it has consumed and what is the availability of stock. This module has the facility to track transactions like purchase/ sale and any item which is returned by students. Also, automatically reports related to inventory are generated which has the feature to provide a clear and transparent vision of inventory. This module is important as with the help of this module all the items or stocks can be listed down in an organized way and it make easier for the management team to maintain track for.

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